The Second Brood war has ended, leaving the Dragon Empire fractured. Empress Demona continues to hold the northern part of the Empire, Sanglunax, in a brutal and tyrannical grip leaving her subjects in fear. Emperor Baldur Rex Draconis holds on to what is left of his Jade Kingdom in the south by cracking down more and more on disorder and dissent. The Wizard’s Council of Horizon, lead by Arch-Mage Cavinor, dives deeper and deeper into isolation to the west. More and more hell holes have begun to spring up along the border of the desert nation of Nabaat. All the while whispers of the god of madness’ return coupled with a dreadful power stirring on the island of Omen threatens to trigger the end of the dragon god, Bahamut, himself, leaving all of Correllius vulnerable to the denizens of Hades. Countries will fall, gods will clash, and the very earth will cry out, but when the dust settles, who will remain? Who will survive the machinations of the mad god?


The Correllius Campaign Setting
The Correllius campaign setting is based on the Dragon Empire from the 13th Age system designed by Pelegrine Press.

Hombrew Mechanics Utilized

Machinations of a Mad God

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