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  • Characters

    *Allies and Contacts* _NPCs encountered along your journey that have aided or been aided by you._

    *Enemies and Rivals* _Those who would oppose you as you journey across Correllius._
    *Voznese, Tatarraq and Other Figures of Legend* …

  • Madoc

    h1. The Mad God of Sylvestria [[File:547938 | class=media-item-align-center| 450px | Madoc002.jpg]] Madoc is the first of the fey, before him no fey existed and without him no fey would exist now. He is among the oldest of the gods, in fact there are …

  • Titania

    h1. The Ascended Queen of the Fey h3. Lady Titania, Queen of the Summer Court *Alignment:* _Chaotic Good_ *Domains:* _Soul, Nature_ *Favored Weapon:* _Rapier_ *Home Plane:* Pre-Ascension: _Correllius_ Post-Ascension: _Sylvastria_ *Titles:* _" …