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The multiverse is filled to the brim with interesting individuals, many more than could possibly be recorded. But some of them are particularly noteworthy.

The Gods of the Multiverse

While religious beliefs vary across Correllius, there are three primary pantheons that are recognized by most individuals: The Conclave, The Cabal, and The Celestial Court. As a general rule the gods of the Conclave are good aligned, those of the Cabal are evil, and those of the Celestial Court are neutral (there are several exceptions).

The gods and goddesses are not passive observers of the multiverse, nor do they sit in their palaces while their minions go out and do their bidding. Rather most of the gods are personally invested in life in the multiverse. While their attentions may shift between the planes depending on current events they are undoubtedly involved in the fates of mortals. It is not unheard of for a priest to be visited by the aspect of his deity but neither is it commonplace. Bahamut, Sefa, and Corvo actually reside on Correllius and walk among mortals. Some of the gods are humble despite their station while others hold mortals in contempt. Either way, very few individuals deny their existence.

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