The Ascended Queen of the Fey

Lady Titania, Queen of the Summer Court

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Soul, Nature
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Home Plane: Pre-Ascension: Correllius Post-Ascension: Sylvastria
Titles: “The Lunar Queen”, “The Holy Widow”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Blessed Lady”
Aspects: Ice Dragon
Holy Symbol: A silver crown backed by fairy wings all backed by a full moon

Titania was not always a goddess, nor was she always queen of the Fey. She was originally a snow elf woman named Titania Kel’Mekall, the daughter of a blacksmith. She would ascend to godhood after she and her husband, Akaash Kel’Mekall, freed Sylvestria from the iron grip of Madoc during the Mythic Era. Lady Titania is the goddess of guidance, freedom, and the widowed.


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