The Mad God of Sylvestria

Madoc is the first of the fey, before him no fey existed and without him no fey would exist now. He is among the oldest of the gods, in fact there are legends that tell of Bahamut creating Madoc, this is commonly held to be true and lends itself to the tale of Madoc being the first god to be cast from the Conclave. He rages against his father, Bahamut, and embodies the very thing that Bahamut seeks to end: Injustice

Madoc, The Lord of Madness
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Trickery, Nature, Soul
Favored Weapons: Staff and Sword
Home Plane: Previously: Sylvestria, Currently: Fasaad’Eaql
Titles: “The Mad God”, “The Lord of the Fey”, “The Fallen Son”
Aspects: Shadow Dragon, Elf
Holy Symbol: A laughing skull backed by fairy wings

Legends and Myths Surrounding Madoc

The Birth of Madoc

While the accounts of Madoc’s origin vary from region to region, the overall consensus of his origin is detailed in the Allta’lyian or the Birth of the Fallen Dragon. Below is the Allta’lyian translated from its original old celestial into modern common.



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