The Conclave
The predominately good aligned pantheon of Correllius. Chief amongst the gods of the Conclave is Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon.

Morella – Goddess of serenity and wisdom – LN
Titania – Goddess of guidance, freedom, and grief – CG
Bahamut – God of justice and nobility – LG
Castor – God of love and unity – CG
Patrias – Goddess of love and unity – CG
Akaash – God of heroes, victory, and self sacrifice – NG
Dol’Kamar – God of Knights – LG
Xen’Fae – Goddess of restitution and law – LG
Xen’Kae – God of the sun and order – LG
Sefa – Goddess of agriculture and law – NG
Borealis – God of storms, the sky, and passion – CG

The Celestial Court
The neutrally aligned pantheon of Correllius. The Court intervenes just as often as it abstains when dealing with the mortal realms and none can predict when they will do so. Chief amongst the court is the goddess Chrona, Queen of Time

Corvo – God of luck and beginnings – N
Midas – God of knowledge and wealth – N
Kira – Goddess of fortune – CN
Chrona – Goddess of time- N
Titus – God of arcana – CN
Atalantia – Goddess of retribution – LN

The Cabal
The wicked pantheon of Correllius, these gods where banished and exiled from the Conclave or the Court for one reason or another in ages past, all but Abaddon, the Elder Horror, who has existed longer than all but Chrona and Bahamut.

Madoc – God of madness – CE
Jaandikku – Goddess of plots, secrets, and schemes – NE
De’Armund – God of revenge, betrayal, and slaughter – CE
Tiamat – Goddess of conquest – LE
Tartarus – God of anger, pain, and death – NE
Raal’Kamar – God of subterfuge and grudges – NE
Charon – God of greed and magic – CE
Abaddon – God of chaos, disaster, and annihilation – CN
Dyabbuk – God of poison and filth – NE
Krieg – Goddess of lust and desire – CE


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